Your donations go directly to helping the needy people in Little Rock, Arkansas

We are a non-profit who does not receive government assistance. We rely 100% on the generosity of donors to operate. Your monetary gift provides the needy with more than food and shelter. It provides hope through the love of Jesus Christ and a chance to recover from homelessness, addictions, and poverty. Thank you for compassion on the destitute. Your donation shows them someone cares. Thank you for supporting our mission.

Please click the Donate Now button below to donate by credit card. If you prefer to mail your donation, you may Click Here to download a donation form. For donations by phone, please call 501-296-9114.

Monetary Donations

It takes a lot to successfully operate our rescue mission. Some of our employees are recovered or recovering addicts who are given the opportunity to work their way back on top and earn their own living. In addition to providing employment opportunities for these individuals, we have every expense that goes along with maintaining a large public type housing establishment. Large amounts of water is consumed as well as electricity for lights, heat, and air. Your monetary donation helps us operate and maintain the largest homeless shelter in Arkansas. Thank you so much for your donation.


We served 185,000 meals in 2019. We are always in need of food on a year round basis. We provide 3 meals each day 7 days each week. We also have a food pantry open every Thursday from 1:00pm to 5:00pm. Pantry boxes are given to take with those in need.

Tangible Donations

We accept may types of tangible donations. Here are some examples of common donations:

  • Clothing (all types and sizes)
  • Clothing Accessories
  • Shoes (all kinds)
  • All Bedding Items
  • Draperies and Curtains
  • Housewares and Glassware
  • Tools
  • Radios and other small appliances
  • Furniture (in good usable condition)

We accept tangible drop-offs at our main building located at 3618 W. Roosevelt Rd, in Little Rock. We also offer a free pickup service for certain items and areas. If you have a tangible donation that you would like picked up from your home or business, please call Donation Services at 501-296-9114.

Drop Boxes

We have clothing drop-boxes located throughout our city of Little Rock and beyond. Clothing donations are very much appreciated. If you would like more information on drop box locations or are interested in hosting a clothing drop-box in your area, please call Donation Services at 501-296-9114.


One of the most valuable resources we have at the Little Rock Compassion Center is our volunteers. On a daily basis our volunteers help make a difference not only in the lives of others but in their own lives as well. Through our staff and volunteers, we are making a difference for the poor in Little Rock.

We have a diverse volunteer program providing numerous opportunities to contribute your time. Typical volunteers help serve meals, mentor through testimony and prayer, assist in the Thrift Store, participate in one time and special events, etc.

Want to know more about our volunteer opportunities? Click Here to contact us online for details. We would LOVE to work with you!